The Vision

20170204_113223The Play Sanctuary supports Western North Carolina’s capacity for health, wellbeing and connection by nurturing play.

We believe:

  • Child-led play has value.
  • Children are capable and worthy of respect.
  • Welcoming people creates community.
  • People need to move their bodies.
  • Nature and simplicity inspire imaginative play.

On this website and on Facebook, you’ll read the research that proves to us that self-directed play, moving our bodies, being outside, being together and playing with simple objects results in loads of positive physical, emotional and social benefits. We promise we’re not making this stuff up, and we promise to prove it to you.

For now we are hosting super fun pop-up play events in the community (that’s in Sylva, North Carolina) and connecting you with all the kid-friendly events in the area.

Long term, our goal is to create a community play space that embodies these philosophies.

Long, long term we will research what happens to our community after this space joins the landscape – prove once again the impact of a safe, nurturing play space, and create a replicable model for folks across the country. We want all people to have opportunities to connect in nurturing spaces where we can thrive physically, emotionally and socially.

Join us in changing the world through play.