The Goal: A Space

Think about the best children’s museum you have ever experienced. Got it?

Hideaway Woods at the Durham Museum of Life and Science

Now, take that image in your head and shrink it to a living room / backyard size – but keep the space open to the community. Include some yummy, nutritious food and people of all ages and backgrounds. You’re getting closer to what we’re envisioning here in our little slice of the Smoky Mountains.

The primary goal of the space is play – with one important extra of supporting the people in the space in navigating conflict in a healthy way.

What does it mean to navigate conflict in a healthy way?

Our philosophy begins with trust. From the youngest folks in the room to the oldest – it means giving the people in conflict the space to work things out on their own.

When needed, the adults in the facility (staff and parents and community members alike) support those folks in conflict – and start their support using the most minimal intervention possible, increasing intervention as needed to provide the most appropriate support.

In other words, we want to support our community in communing. Socializing. Resolving conflict. Breaking bread together. Learning together.

The space would include both an outdoor and indoor play area with things to climb and slide down and crawl through. A kitchen. Swings. Things to bounce on. Water, sand, and rocks. Bright and minimalist and very hands-on.

Do you have ideas for this space? Where we could put it or how we can create it? Get in touch!


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